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Lil Gbb
Lil Gbb
( crue: Feeling unity )


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Ragga jam dance

Ragga Jam is a new style, created in Paris in 1990 and it belongs to street dance genre.
The name of the dance comes from Ragga (as in ragamuffin) and Jam (mixing of influences).
The creator of the dance is Laure Courtellemont, French dancer, choreographer and pedagogue.
The style was inspired by the culture (music and dance) of Ragga-Dancehall from Jamaica.
Ragga Jam is an afro-jamaican street dance, enriched with the elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz and other African dances. Ragga Jam is danced to Dancehall music.
Emphasis is put on isolation and hip, chest and leg movement are very important.
Contrary to Dancehall, Ragga Jam rich choreography is deprived of elements emphasising the sexuality of the dancers.
Ragga Jam gives the dancers the freedom of expression, rich and original choreography and bestows upon them the energy of positive Ragga spirit.

In order to understand the dance, we encourage to watch selected movie clips.

New dancers

Lil Gbb
Lil Gbb
( Feeling unity )

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