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- The name of the style "Rueda de Casino" derives from the name of the club "Casino Deportivo de la Playa de Marjano - dancehall" in Havana, where in the 50s, during Sunday dancing evenings, first rueda dance sets were created. As the sources say, the way of presenting music was accepted to such a degree that an expression "to dance like those from Casino Playa" started to be commonly used.

- Salsa Ruego de Casino is derived from joining of traditional Son Cubano and Rumba. This variation of Salsa is danced in groups in the circle (Ruedo - in Spanish it means "circle") and can be participated by a number of couples.

- The dance is lead by the leader, shouting the names of the dance figures, which are being performed by the whole group simultaneously. Each dance figure has its ow name (of Spanish origin) and is pronounced the same in the whole world.

- all the pairs stand in the circle and the dance begins in the closed hold (in pair) in the position called "Al Centro". The leader calls for fast and simultaneous shifts to open hold and, for example, the change of the partner is always in the circle and the leader calls for series of the consequent dance figures.

- Rudea de Casino" is dance-play, very effective and joyful. It has its own admirers throughout all the continents.

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