Salsa Los Angeles L.A. Style

Salsa Los Angeles L.A.

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Salsa Los Angeles L.A. Style dance

Genre: Latin American

Salsa Los Angeles (also called in short Salsa LA or Salsa LA on 1) is a line salsa. That means all the figures are performed in a line and the change of direction -180 degrees - is an effect of the basic figure called "cross body lead" in.

- Salsa LA style developed in Los Angeles and is based on Cuban an New York salsa styles. Salsa LA was originally meant for stage performances.

- Salsa LA style is spectacular, fast and impressive and requires considerable technical skills.

Partners often separate, performing solo steps called footwork or shine.
- As opposed to Salsa NY (Salsa New York), Salsa LA focuses the attention on the man.
- The greatest contributors to Salsa LA style are Vazquez Brothers.

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