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Salsa New York dance

Salsa New York - (also known as Sasa NY on 2, Mambo on 2, Eddi Torres Style) is a line salsa. It developed in multicultural districts of New York and it connects mambo, cuban son, rumba and cha-cha and in time, was influenced by jazz and Afro-Cuban dances. However, the basis of Salsa NY is still mambo.

The greatest contributor in Salsa New York development in the 70's was Eddi Torres from Puerto Rico.

- Due to the fact that Salsa New York gives a lot of possibilities and leeway, is it performed by the salsa world celebrities throughout the world.

- Salsa New York characterises in impressive, double and multiple spins with fats solo steps combinations.

- Salsa New York smooth style characterises in fluent movement, increases and decreases of the dance pace by fast and slow steps (counting 1, 2, 3...5, 6, 7... where 1, 2 and 5, 6 are fast steps and 3, 7 are slow steps).

- In effect, we achieve a fast, smooth dance with gentle, elegant moves, where the woman is the centre of attention and performs most of the impressive spins and turns.

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