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Salsa dance

Salsa (from Spanish - spicy sauce or strong, spicy flavour), as a kind of music and dance, isn't easy to classify.

Salsa, as a dance, came into being as a result of the influence of various dances from many continents.

Listening to Salsa music, many different rhythms from various Latin countries can be heard, such as Rumba, Son, Montuno, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha-cha, Danzon, Guajara, Cumbia, Plena and Merenge.
Many of them merges into one, thus creating salsa music.

During many concerts, people shouting "Add more Salsa" at the musicians could be heard. It meant that the musicians should spice up their music. In time, simple yet imaginative word "Salsa" was used to define various kinds of similar music rhythms.

In the beginning, using this name was vastly criticised. Titio Puente was known to say that he "was playing mambo, not the sauce". In time, controversies amongst musicians quieten down and it was acknowledged that "salsa" expresses the complexity of this dance and the music.

Today, several styles of salsa can be distinguished, depending on geographical region of its development. i.e.: Salsa LA, Salsa NY, Salsa Casino, Salsa Calena.

At present, Salsa, danced in the majority of cities throughout the world is open to improvisation, nad due to that fact, is constantly developing.


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