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It is a salsa variation danced in Cuba. "Casino" name comes from a club called "Casino Deportivo de la Playa de Marjano - dancehall" in Havana.

- The music and the dance of the Cuban Salsa "Casino" is based on the rich, afro-cuban musical culture of Cuba. The base is the traditional Son-Cubano, connected with rumba cubana and African rhythms that arrived to Cuba with the west-African slaves.

- A great number of connoisseurs regards the Casino style as the purest form of salsa.

- In "Casino" Cuban Salsa, the partners turn around their axis. The basic step (Guapea) is performed moving backwards and sideways, which makes the style different from linear salsa styles (LA, NY) where the basic step is forward and backward in line.

- Cuban Salsa "Casino" is danced in the rhythm on 3 (a traversado) and on 4 (a contratiempo). It is the original Cuban rhythm , and, at present, in the most popular rhythm on 1 ( a tiempo).

- in Cuban salsa "Casino" body move, the elements of afro often appear. The man introduces a number of accents with his chest, arms - so called "arm flowing" (follower), hands or active body thrusts - woman moves on the other hand are fluid with highly emphasised hip movement.

- Cuban style can be perceived as male dominated in the way that it requires decisive leading and the male partner often performs more effective and attractive body moves.

- Dance figures often requires complicated hand knotting by the dancers - so called Cuban knots �?? �??nudos�?�. The characteristic element of the dance is the male leading his partner around himself, performed in dynamic spins and turns. Another characteristic element is shifting the hold of the dancers from closed (dancers facing each other) to open hold, so called �??guapea". Most of the dance is in open hold.

- Cuban salsa "Casino" is lively but requires careful following of the music and interpreting it with move. In effect, it gives a lot freedom in interpreting the music and a lot of uninhibited fun. in "Casino" much greater emphasis that in other types of salsa goes on expression of the dance and emotions, which is characteristc to African dances.

- the popular variety of cuban salsa is "Rueda de Casino", which is eagerly danced in various parts of the world.

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